We would love schools to take part in our Rafiki Relay for Education! Students and teachers are of course welcome to enter Rafiki Relay for Education individually or in teams up to 5, following the main instructions on our main relay page. Wouldn’t it be fun however to enter as a team with all your classmates and compete between classes or indeed enter your whole school and compete against other schools!

In order to facilitate this, you need to follow the instructions below (please make sure to read the information on the main relay page as well).

  1. Nominate a team leader, such as your form tutor for class entry or Head of PE for school entry.

  2. The nominated team leader then completes the entry details on the main event page, as if entering as a single participant.

    1. The voluntary donation or pledge is £5 (as the team leader is the only person from the class / school registering on our challenge platform).
    2. If you decide to have more than one teacher signed up (using the team of 5 capacity on the challenge platform) to help lead the school event, please add £5 per head to your voluntary donation / pledge.
  3. The team leader next completes the registration on our challenge platform (using your relay challenge code received by e-mail after completing step 2 above – you will not be able to complete your registration without this).

    1. For the ‘sign up’ step, provide your contact details as requested.
    2. In ‘create team’, you give your team a name, for example ‘Aston Primary Year 6’ if entering by class, or ‘Team Aston Primary school’ if entering as one school.
    3. Select segment ‘school class’ or ‘school’, and you will enable the relevant leader board – so that for example different school classes can compete against each other.
    4. We suggest ‘school class’ segment for tutor groups and classes, or other teams in the region of 30 students. For larger teams based on year groups, Houses, Junior vs Senior School etc we ask that you select ‘School’. This is so that the leader boards reflect a fair competition!
  4. Once your team (class or school) is created, the team leader needs to e-mail a list of the team members, including names, number and sizes of t-shirts required, and fundraising options. This information is also required for medal distribution.

    1. Here is the template to use
  5. Your class/school can either set up a joint fundraising page / donate as a team, or as individuals!

    1. Here is some information for you to use to create your fundraising page. Or you are welcome to share our central fundraising page with your sponsors
    2. Where a team/class has a joint fundraising page, it will be very helpful if the team leader could provide us with the names of all the students/teachers who have raised £10 each, to help us allocate the medals. In the absence of this, we will for the purpose of determining when thresholds are met for medals (rewarded at £10 fundraised per person) and also for prize draw entries (one entry for every £20 raised per participant), simply divide your total raised/donated by the number of participants in your group.

      1. For example, a team of 30 will receive 30 medals on raising minimum £300 and receive a new prize entry per student (30) for every £600 raised.
  6. The main difference in participating as a school class or school vs standard teams of 5 entry, is that you will upload the team’s activities manually.

    1. Simply collate the information from your participants and upload the team’s combined distances manually.

      1. Here is a template for your convenience
    2. Manual upload on Big Team Challenge is very easy, both in the app and on a desktop!
    3. Team leader could choose to connect their own fitness tracker, but the rest of the team would not be able to do so.
    4. We suggest that the team leader collates the class/school’s distances via Google Docs or similar – recommending to the students that they all enter their individual distances daily.
  7. Finally, here is a presentation with voiceover for you to use in your assembly when introducing the Relay for Education challenge! Download
  8. Any questions, please feel free to contact

Here is a flyer for you to share with students/parents, guiding them to our Relay for Education event website and our social media, so they can get ready and start following! (editable flyer available) The parents and families of the students and staff are very welcome to enter teams as well, separately to the school orgainsed effort!

For your convenience we have also create a Google Docs folder for you to access all the schools material referenced above

Finally, we would LOVE to see your photos and for you to tag us in any social media posts!

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